36 Hand Combinations!

Each CLOKK comes with seven hands: three second, two hour and two minute hands. This results in 36 possible pointer combinations. The pointer colors matched to the material emphasize different aspects of time. Thus, each CLOKK becomes an individual time object, which can also react to its surroundings.

A Clock Without Ticking?

When thinking about a wall clock, many first think of the ticking of traditional quartz clockworks. The majority of wall clocks, as we know them today, is powered by quartz movements. But how exactly do these movements work? And why are the movements built into our CLOKKs almost inaudible?

Our Materials: Multiplex and MDF

As designers, the selection of high-quality materials is not only a matter of the heart, but a matter of course. We firmly believe that one should not compromise in regard to the things we surround ourselves with daily. For our CLOKK we have selected two special materials, which we will briefly introduce below.

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