Changing the CLOKK hands: this is how it works!

Each CLOKK comes in contrast to conventional wall clocks with seven interchangeable hands. So there is no reason not to use the possibility of changing hands from time to time. This is not only easy, but also sets new accents without much effort! The clock can be adapted not only to your mood, but also to changes in the room and current interior design trends. In the following we show you how to do it!

Material and time requirement

Replacing the clock hands takes only a few minutes and you do not have to prepare any material except for the new hands. First you have to take the clock off the wall, of course. Put it on a table to change hands, you can put a dishcloth under it to prevent possible scratches on the back. Basically, the exchange of pointers works for most wall clocks as described here, but those are missing the exchange hands!

Remove the battery

Take the battery out of the battery compartment. This protects the clocks movement when changing the hands.

Carefully pull the clock hands off the shaft

First, carefully pull the second hand, then the hour hand and then the minute hand off the shaft. To do this, the hands are best grasped with your thumb and forefinger.

Finding the 12 o’clock mark

For the clock to work properly, all hands must be aligned at 12 o’clock before the battery is re-inserted. The easiest way to find the correct position is to mark the hanging hole on the back with a finger.

Carefully push the clock hands onto the shaft

Now the newly selected hands are placed on the shaft in reverse order and aligned with the 12 o’clock mark. First the hour, then the minute and at the end the second hand. It works best with thumb and forefinger. If the hands have been slightly bent this is not tragic; If all three hands are mounted, they can be straightened carefully.

Insert battery

Now the battery is simply reinserted into the battery compartment.

Set the CLOKK

To set the time you use the knob on the backside of the clock movement! Of course, you can also take the change between summer and winter time as an opportunity to swap out the hands!

All steps in the video

Finally, we’ve prepared a video that summarizes all six steps and shows you how to personalize your design wall clock.

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