Painting The Clock Hands: That’s How!

The seven pointers that come with each CLOKK give you the ability to create completely custom clock hands. That’s super easy and in the following we will show you how it works step-by-step!

10 Easy Steps to Individual CLOKK-Hands!

We have prepared a video showing how to proceed. Down below you find the instructions in text form:

You Need:

  • a cardboard box (the CLOKK packaging is great)
  • a clean cloth (a piece of paper towel is enough)
  • two paperclips
  • the clock hands you want to paint
  • rubber gloves
  • spraypaint
  • 20–30 minutes time

Step 1

First you bend the two paperclips into hooks as shown in the picture.

Step 2

You simple push the bent paper clips next to each other directly into the cardboard box.

Step 3

Now you better put on the gloves to keep clock hands clean before and you hands clean during painting!

Step 4

With the cloth you clean the hands thoroughly. They must be dust-free, grease-free and dry for optimum results. Be careful, the hands are thin and bend easily. If they are really dirty, you can put some glass cleaner on the cloth first.

It’s on!

The following steps are best taken outside. Otherwise, you risk not only to decorate your entire home involuntarily, but also to inhale the (potentially hazardous) paint vapors!

Step 5

Minute and hour hands are simply hung on the hooks in the cardboard box.

Step 6

You can carefully push the second hand directly into the cardboard. It’s best to push against the box from behind with your other hand thus minimizing the risk of bending the clock hand. No fear! If something happens, the pointer can be easily straightened again!

Step 7

Before painting, the paint can must be shaken well for three minutes!

Step 8

Now you apply three to four thin layers of paint to the hands at intervals of about two minutes. The distance between the spray can and the clock hands should be about 20 cm (7–8″). To prevent paint splatter, it is recommended that the nozzle is not aimed directly at the pointer but at the cardboard next to it when pressing it down first. Distribute the paint in even movements on the hands.

Step 9

Be patient! The paint will be cured after about 24 hours. It’s best to leave the clock hands hanging until then.

Step 10

Mount the clock hands and enjoy!

We are curious how you individualize your clock hands! Send us a picture by e-mail or Facebook!

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