36 Hand Combinations!

Each CLOKK comes with seven hands: three second, two hour and two minute hands. This results in 36 possible pointer combinations. The pointer colors matched to the material emphasize different aspects of time. Thus, each CLOKK becomes an individual time object, which can also react to its surroundings.

For Minimalists

Minimalists like to choose their hands in the color of the dial: white hands for the white clock, black hands for the black one. Due to the lower contrast between the hands and the dial, reading the time is a little bit more difficult, while time is perceived less threatening due to the restrained staging.

For Friends of Contrast

Maximum contrast, that is: white hands to the black dial or black hands to the white dial. The clock and time are self-confident and enrich their environment. The high contrast makes it easier to read from a distance and this effect can be further enhanced by the red second hand as a color accent.

For Thinkers

Of course, the various pointers provided may also be the starting point for an examination of one’s own perception of time. If you want to put a certain aspect of the measured time into the background, select the respective pointer in the color of the dial. Or you just leave off the pointer completely. A twelve-hour single-hand wall clock? Of course possible! Only minutes and seconds? Sure! This is how the CLOKK becomes a study object.

For Individualists

All those who are constantly looking for the truly unique, of course, have the ability to redesign the hands according to personal preferences, for example, by an individual paint job. In this way, colors from the surroundings of the clock, such as wall or wallpaper, can be picked up, create strong contrasts or simply integrate your favorite color into the wall clock. For painting, we recommend that you carefully sand the hands with a fine sandpaper and then paint in several (thin!) layers using spray paint. A tutorial will follow soon.

It was important to us to give you some flexibility with the CLOKK. Over time, our personal taste and environment change with us, so why not our wall clocks? It not only becomes part of one’s own furniture, but also expresses one’s own conception of time. Today, more than ever, time is a precious commodity, so we also want to invite people to think about it and find their personal access to it.

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